Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013

2012 -H. Naoto hosted a fashion show along with Frill Atlanta. It was amazing.

2012 -H. Naoto hosted a fashion show along with Frill Atlanta. It was amazing.

Anime Weekend Atlanta will take place on the 27th -28th of September in Atlanta Georgia (right on the Perimeter/1-285 line). It’s at the Renaissance Waverly and Cobb Galleria, two of the city’s elegant locations for conferences and so much more. The parking is plentiful, valet options are available and there’s a mall across the street (Cumberland) that has lots of restaurants and shopping in case you forget to bring snacks or need a new pair of pantyhose.

Photo from H. Naoto Fashion show at AWA 2012

Photo from H. Naoto Fashion show at AWA 2012

I’m writing this from a Loli fan perspective. Though Anime Weekend has more than just Loli activities I personally attend it strictly for Loli fun. Here’s a list of activities provided to me by Donni S.  and Rebecca P. from the Atl Loli and Japanese Couture Group:

Thurs: Unofficial -Tea Party
*This tea party was created for those who may not get to attend Sunday’s tea. The one on Sunday is sponsored by Putumayo. It is $50 and you must have at least a Putu accessory with you to attend the event. This is an additional fee to the AWA ticket. So, basic fees for this are your AWA pass (ranging anywhere from $35-$50) + $50 Putumayo Tea ticket (click here to purchase) + Putu items (our advice is if you don’t already have a Putu item you can wear, buy one at the event on Thursday night/Friday morning).


Just a few of Atlanta’s amazing Loli Community. They are themselves Kawaii leaders in their own right.

There’s also to be a Harajuku Style Fashion Walk -these are parades of gorgeous fashion that you don’t want to miss.

Schedule of Loli events
Noon – 8pm: Frill Boutique in Artist Alley
6pm – 7pm: Saxony Co’s Putumayo Panel (Renaissance – Kennesaw)
7pm: Lolita BYOF (bring your own food) “Tea Party” (Galleria Food Court; hosted by Chelsea Johnson)
8pm – 10pm: Frill Lolita Friend Finder (The Gallery – In the Mall; hosted by Affrilliation)
9pm – 10pm: How to Taobao (CGC – 103; hosted by Britani Johnson)

10am – 8pm: Frill Boutique in AA
11am – 12:30pm: Frill Fashion Show (CGC – Williams CDF)
12:45pm – 1:30pm: Putumayo Fashion Show (+ special performance by Aoki Misako) (CGC – Williams CDF)
2pm – 3pm: Tea Party Etiquette Workshop (CGC – 105; hosted by Affrilliation)
3:30pm: Quick and Dirty Japanese Street Fashion (CGC – 103; hosted by Brittany Anne, Stephanie Anderson and Chelsea Johnson)
5pm – 6pm: Intro to Lolita Sewing (CGC – 103; hosted by Chelsea + Kevin and Nelson)
7pm: Harajuku Fashion Walk (Galleria Food Court; hosted by Malice Rutledge)
8pm – 10pm: Ribbon Rose Accessory Workshop (CGC – 105; hosted by Affrilliation). Buy kits for $10 at the Frill Boutique!

10am – 12:30pm: Putumayo Fashion Tea (The Gallery – In the Mall)
11am – 4pm: Frill Boutique in AA

For an official Schedule of Events and info on Anime Weekend or if you need a ticket to the event, visit the website. At this point buying a ticket online is not possible. You need to do walk up registration and buy in person. If you plan to go the whole 3 days then you can pick up your ticket on Thursday starting at 6pm. Arrive on time as parking is tough afterwards.

The dealer rooms, etc were open last year around 6pm Thursday too so if you want to buy something you probably can. The Frill Pop up Boutique will return featuring consignment items and other Loli wear. Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright and of course Putumayo and other Loli Couture brands are said to be at the event this year. So here’s your chance to look at things in person and hopefully make purchases.

Of course, it’s fun just to walk around and see all of the ladies in their cute coords and the cosplay by the AWA attendees. Please know that Loli (Lolita) itself is not cosplay, it is a lifestyle. The coords are gurantee to be amazing this year. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading!

2012 Highlights Fashion Show

Hungry? Try the food trucks…this news just in from one of the boards…

The first ever Anime Weekend Atlanta Food Festival will run all three days inside the Artist Alley and Friday and Saturday evenings from 9pm-2am outside in the East Lot so you can get your late night NOM on.

When it’s time to take a break from all the awesome happenings at the con itself and you’re tired of living off Pocky and Ramune, head on over to Exhibit Hall B for our amazing Food Trucks open all three days. Cash is always king when buying at show, but some of the trucks will be able to take debt and credit cards.

Location: Artist Alley (Cobb Galleria, Exhibit Hall and the East Lot. (Parking area between the Renaissance Waverly and Cobb Galleria)

Food Trucks participating to-date include:

Hall B, all three days:
– Pup Truck (Hot dogs, every topping you can imagine and a few you didn’t!)
– Tex’s Tacos (Food on the GO in a magical warm corn or flour tortilla.)
– Viet-Nomie (Craving something different?)
– Nutty Bavarian (Check them out for bubble tea and snacks like onigiri and macaroons.)

East Lot, Friday-Saturday night 9pm-2am:
– Fry Guy (Delicious Fried Spuds with ALL the SAUCES!)
– Pho Sho (Warm bowls of soup, pastries and sandwiches, perfect for a long day after the show.)
– Yum Yum Cupcakes (Cupcakes named after fabulous Stars of the Silver Screen.)
– Nana G’s Chicken and Waffles (I think we all know what kind of magic is happening here!)
I don’t know you guys but I am definitely going to take advantage of these if not after the walk at some point during the weekend.

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