Essence of Bellydance – Day Two

imageIt’s gorgeous!!!
It’s certainly gorgeous over here. Because of this event, I explored the neighbourhood, real estate and so much more. Seriously looking to make a shift in this direction if possible. It’s really clean, organised and nice. My only issue of course, as with any place I go, is the parking and trying to find the exact place one needs to go. Let’s cut to the chase… say it with me now, I almost went home because I couldn’t find it. I know, I know, even with GPS I could not find it. I have a directional handicap (recently learned that is normal – I don’t feel so bad), I’m not able to find things easily. I still get lost going home if I miss my exit. Some streets in Georgia are not mapped, so I don’t blame myself completely. In this case, everyone’s directions were useless to me. I ended up calling Faaridah. This is the LAST thing I wanted to do because she’s obviously busy. Well, she was helpful!

Remember Stairwell #10!!!
Here’s the deal, from 10am to 11:45am I drove around and around trying to find the valet sign where we are only to pay $10. Long story short, I found myself in a parking garage for what is to be $12 max for the day. The hotel is next to stairwell #10. So if you suffer like I do and end up in that vast parking deck, try to get to stairwell #10.

The Venue: Beautiful, well-airconditioned, pristine, clean and wonderfully lit, great for photo shoots. You’ll look good under every inch of light. Vendors are set up and it looks like a bellydance shopping mall with amazing items everywhere. My favourite vendors right now, top 3 are MissBellydance (I really like their new stuff, their lifestyle wear, Moroccan Abayas with matching modern dance wear underneath, they have an shimmer set that is to die for, really like it). And all of their professional bra and belt sets are discounted. There’s new jewelry too and tribal belts from Turkiye/Turkey and India. I’m also liking the options from Magical Fashions and Beladi Boutique.

image Food Options: For those of you with gluten allergies, bring a lunch maybe? The hotel menu is available but I really haven’t seen anything I can eat yet. Wait, just found something. Also, Cafe Mezo (YUM INFINITY) is catering tomorrow and perhaps Sunday? They have some spreads, etc plus lots of kebab options. It’s really good. I’m very picky when it comes to food from the region. I had it fresh in the restaurant with Faaridah and MBD, it was amazing. I bought some to go, it was just THAT good. There are also some other spots in walking distance, some offer breadless options. That’s my sandwich in a bowl in the photo.

I hope that helps those of you headed over to the venue or at least clears up some questions for those of you who may not want to come out here due to directional fears, financial concerns. Expect the show and workshop fees, parking under $20 (remember to say you are with Essence of Bellydance if you valet, it’s only $10). I’m hearing someone right now, say they drove around in circles. There are no big signs that say TWELVE, but it’s a gorgeous silver building that kind of blends in with the concrete so just be aware.

*I hope I wasn’t too brisk with anyone this morning. You know directions test my last nerve.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got right now. Just soaking up the lovely atmosphere. Someone called it urban upscale. Whatever, you call it, just call it the place you’ll be at in the next 10 minutes.

Thanks for reading!

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