Amani of Lebanon, an Awesome, Friendly Force in the Raqs World

This is an opportunity of a lifetime! Be there!

This is an opportunity of a lifetime! Be there!

As an International Dance Artist, performer and Master choreographer in the world of Raqs Sharqi, Amani of Lebanon is a friendly force, loved and adored by all who meet her. Her history and Knowledge in this art is vast and she’s known globally for her unique style, beautiful elaborate costumes, incredibly intricate showcases coupled with amazing music and some of the most outstanding dancers and followers. It’s no wonder she accepted Lebanese Simon invitation to be featured in this year’s Oriental and Folkore Dance Festival taking place in Houston, Texas USA ( Amani is a well-known legend in the Middle East and is one of the most popular raissat in the region. When dancers travel to Lebanon, she is often at the top of the list to visit and from which to learn.

If you think her DVDs are over the top awesome, then wait until you learn from her in person. She has it all, the physique, the finesse and the presence of royalty as she raqs according to some fans. Much like many who hold this dance dear, she too takes it very seriously and does not mess around when it comes to technique and helping other dancers become the best they can be in the art.

About the Festival
This annual stateside festival is always quite the social gala for the who’s who and this year it is to include one of the most phenomenal raqs competitions. One winner will walk away as the ‘2015 Oriental Dance Superstar’ The event will take place over 3 days and is scheduled to be filled from start to finish with incredible raqs instruction totaling 16 hours. There’s something for everyone at this event. This raqs holiday prides itself on authenticity and for featuring some of the biggest names to date. It also has gala shows on each night of the event which is a huge plus, making even more worthwhile. One thing you can guarantee is top quality as the producers and hosts of the event are no strangers to luxury. They take this event very seriously, paying close attention to detail as a team.

Don’t miss out on one of the best festivals in the southwest. Register today!

RSVP online and join in the conversations and updates here:

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