Dragon Con 2016 – Review & Reflections

So…DragonCon. It was fun. I had a good time. We started working on this year’s Silk Road Track schedule THE DAY after DragonCon ended. I sent out countless email while ideas for improvement and advancement were fresh on my brain. Within about 6 months we had our panel for Genderfluidity in Kawaii Culture. This particular panel was featured in the Daily Dragon. Our Kawaii Fashion show was seen on DragonConTV according to a few and I’m very happy about that. Gargantuan thanks to those who filled their commitment to the Kawaii & JFashion focused panels of the tracks as well as those who attended in the audience.

In detail, designers and brands featured and or mentioned at the show:
Puvithel/Xiao Loli
Cherry Cheezy
Brolitas of the World
Atlanta Lolita Community
Elegy Clothing
NHK World (watch Live on your phone)
DragonCon Silk Road Track
Taobao stores (Dear Celine, + 2 more)
Evah Destruction – Icon in the Drag Community who often features kawaii coords
*All of these links will lead you to the designs, topics and fashion


The track was filled with memorable panels incluing those presented by Jason Lane on Mechs, Mecha Godzilla and so much more. Jason was probably one of the most loved along with Thomas who does the Sunday Godzilla movies and prizes. Both of these presenters get a full house which keeps the volunteers busy making sure everyone has a seat and is comfortable. Their panels were not just interesting but quite enjoyable and have a record of being crowd pleasers.

Origami was as popular as ever and was out the door. Nothing more to be said here. The crowd loved it. Amanda was great and brought the panel a lovely designer from Miami who actually makes haute couture out of origami paper. The video and photos are with Kira Lang. You all must see this treasure. It’s unbelievable. The designer will go far…oh and she’s only 15. Yeah…she’s got this. Many thanks to Malachi for being the best origami presenter on the planet. He does a great job of this every year and again, the crowds love him. The panel rooms and ballroom are always packed.

Yoyo joined us again this year and that was a joy. She taught two classes on Chinese dance as well as performed as did one of her students. It was majestic. I love her work, her expression and her teaching. She’s one of the great treasures of the DragonCon Silk Road.

We also had tons of Korean Kpop videos again this year and the whole panel ran over. We decided that in future we should have a Kpop video dance party. There’s just so much action in the room. People get up and dance, there’s a lot of fan reaction as every hardcore fan at the con seems to be there. It’s really loud and they just go to town. I hope the dance party will be approved so we can give people respectable space to just do what they want. It’s awesome to watch.

Other panels included Kumihimo which is Japanese braiding. That was the last panel of the weekend but shockingly had a full house as well. We almost didn’t have enough Kumihimo braiding supplies. Boy did Kira our track director enjoy seeing those faces in the event. You all made her day.

-Full house for most if not all the panels
-Wonderful team of volunteers
-Great additional friends added to the track
-Crowds were friendly
-Hyatt was accommodating on many levels
-Great food options when you could get to the vendors
-Madja, Yoyo & friends dancing

Attendees on the silk road who wanted to stay for most of the panels felt they needed to leave and line up for the next panel. This meant they didn’t get to enjoy the panel for which they stood in line for the first time. What is up with that? How ridiculous. If you go to a conference to stay on a track  you shouldn’t have to leave the track just to get back in it. We gotta fix that!!

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me online or drop a note to the track @DCSilkRoad. Always looking to feature great speakers for panels.


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