Japan Fest 2018

I woke up really early on Saturday morning with the direct intent of going to Japan Fest. I went to my swim meet at the crack of dawn, got out of the pool in time and rushed over to Satellite Blvd. I arrived at 10am exactly, later than I planned… goal was to be there by 9:30am latest. The parking lot was packed to the gills, the last car was left to wonder around aimlessly in the sea of the stuffed car park.

Driving around to the other side as directed by traffic attendants I couldn’t help but notice the entire arena had a line wrapped around to the other side. I rode right and saw that there were still cars for days and the empty spaces were more toward the street, Sugarloaf Parkway. I drove right on out of there and went back down Satelitte boulevard and went in toward the theatre side. Couldn’t get in that section. I gave up and went home.

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